We’re the Underground Music Cafe

A vibrant venue in the St. Paul/ Minneapolis area. We work hard to live up to our motto “Eat well. Do Good. Make Music.” through:

  • crafting top-quality coffee drinks, delicious cafe food, and serving a fantastic selection of wines and local craft beer
  • hosting musical acts, jams and events just about every night

We’re doing all we can to support musicians and develop a thriving community centered around local music.

The stage is open to all! If you want to book a show, drop us a line at undergroundcafebooking@gmail.com. If you just want to pop in of an afternoon to jam with some friends, come on by. If you need a place to try out some new tunes for friends or family, come on by. If you haven’t played the piano in years (or months, or even days) and you suddenly find a burning desire to do so, come on by! We’d love to see you!

The Underground Music Cafe brings together wonderful staff, very talented local musicians and caring, supportive neighbors to create a truly special and unique community around local music. It’s altogether comfortable, stirring, inviting and inspirational.