The Underground Music Cafe supports local artists of all types by allowing them the use of our stage and our space to express their craft.

We hope that artists will, in turn, partner with us by bringing their fans and friends in to see them play and give us their custom.

We will work with you and support your event through promotion on our website and on our social media outlets and on in-store signage. If you have a sign you’d like posted, bring us 3-4 copies about a week before the show.

Our typical timeslot for music is 7pm – 9 (or 10) pm. Performers are expected to arrive an hour ahead to setup and sound check.

An artist, group or band that wants to play a Tuesday or Wednesday night will have a goal of drawing at least 15 people.

An artist, group or band that wants to play a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night will have a goal of drawing at least 25 people.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have the capacity to pay a “guarantee”, but we do have a “Suggested Cover”of $10/person on show nights. All money collected in this way goes to the performers. This generally does pretty well for performers. If you wish to charge a solid cover, please let us know.

Unique opportunities and timeslots:

For bands/performers that have a large draw, who wish to play a later timeslot and/or have an opening act that they work with: Fridays and Saturdays we have “Underground After Dark”, a later timeslot that starts at 9pm or 10pm and goes till 11pm or midnight. This can be accompanied by an early slot at 7pm for an opener, provided the normal timeslot is open on that date.

For  bands/performers who have a small draw or are just starting out and/or want practice in a live stage setting: we have afternoon slots most Saturdays and Sundays that are GREAT for exposure. These are at 11am or 3pm.

Want to stop in and play on the stage? Check the Events page. If there is nothing booked at a particular time, the stage is open for use. Sound equipment is not available, but the stage can be yours!

Sound equipment available for use:

We have: a 16-channel soundboard, main speakers, 2 monitors, 5 vocal mics, 3 instrument mics, 3 DI boxes, xlr cables, 1/4″ cables (limited quantity), 5 mic stands with 3 optional instrument mic attachments. Oh yeah, and a piano.

One of our staff will be on hand to help you setup and get everything turned on. They will help achieve basic sound balance. If your sound needs are more intensive and require attention through the duration of the show, please bring someone with you to see to those needs.

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