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Nutz Oar Boltz

4 Jan , 2018,
Rob Rassmussen
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February 15, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Nutz Oar Boltz is the real deal when it comes to blues.  Led by front man Timmer Blue Horn, the group is a seasoned bevy of skilled blues musicians.

Timmer is the main man, a fixture in the blues world of the northlands – a renowned singer, songwriter, and harp player who has played in blues bands since the last ice age receded.  Many remember Timmer from some of his former bands called Out of the Blue (OOTB), which ranged from biting electric strings with horns to acoustic roots guitars.  Many of Timmer’s original songs draw from the heartaches of his own life, and his blues covers pay tribute to the great blues stars of yesteryear.

Timmer has pulled together Nutz Oar Boltz as his current project – talented musicians who have graced an endless parade of dusty stages:  Greg Smokefish Lee (lead blues guitar), Chris Flask (sax and guitar), Craig Fingers (keyboards), Rattlesnake Richard (bass), and Joe Ride (drums).  It’s the real deal.