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Tim Quarberg

17 Mar , 2016,
Ursula Shute
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March 15, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Tim Quarberg is a compellingly honest and prophetic songwriter with a
compassionate heart whose songs will lighten your spirit, refresh your
soul and bring a tear to your eye.
Tim’s music is rich and mellow. He’s lighthearted and fun, but his songs
touch you surprisingly deep in your life today.  His songs been compared
to that of Gordon Lightfoot and Leonard Cohen. He weaves together
spirituality, personal experience and music.
As a former pastor and a practicing attorney, Tim is well-acquainted with
the many contours of life and living.  He has both seen and experienced
the ways in which the beautiful fabric of our lives can become torn and
tattered.  And, like most people, he has known the fulfillment of great
hopes as well as the dashed dreams and disappointments that accompany life
in this world.  More importantly, he has experienced the power of love and
grace that is able to restore shattered hopes and broken hearts.
Tim’s lyrics reflect both the joys and the struggles of life, weaving
ancient wisdom and keen insight into songs that will move you to new and
higher ground.

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