News From the Underground

Bi-Monthly Family Movie Nights!


Starting Tuesday December 8th, 2015, we’re kicking family fun up a notch!

Bring the whole family for dinner and a movie at the UMC.

For just $30/adult and $15/kid (under 18) you’ll get:


Butternut Squash Ravioli, Salad, chef’s choice Vegetable and Warm Bread


1 beer or glass of wine (adults)


UNLIMITED fountain drinks, hot cocoa and coffee drinks (EVERYONE!)

Showing of a Family Friendly movie

(see our FB page to contribute YOUR suggestion for a movie)




Make the UMC your destination for a Great Family Night Out!!!

New Musician Residency

Erik Brandt and
The Urban Hillbilly Quartet

UHQ2012large (1)

americana ~ rock ~ whatever

“These concrete jungle hayseeds from the wind-whipped plains of St. Paul are fervent eclectics, liable to wander into funk,
Arabic, or Irish music at the drop of a hi-hat.  But their true allegiance is to bands like the Flying Burrito Brothers
and their descendents, who like to mash together country, bluegrass, and rock n’ roll.”
Rick Mason.  October 2003.  City Pages.  (Mpls, MN)

It started as a jam session in 1995 in a now burnt-out St. Paul hole-in-the-wall bar.  Over 18 years later, the Urban Hillbilly Quartet has grown into an award-winning Twin Cities-based ensemble that delivers an eclectic mix of musical styles, blending electric guitar, piano, accordion, bass and drums.  On stage, the Hillbillies perform mainly original material–most of which can be found on their eight albums.

Their music has been influenced by: Midwest powerhouses The Jayhawks and Uncle Tupelo; UK’s Grand Drive; Canada’s Bruce Cockburn; and folk/jazz star David Grisman.  UHQ has been compared to R.E.M., The Grateful Dead and The Waterboys.

The core of the band is Erik Brandt (guitar, accordion, piano, lead vocals), Jeremy Szopinski (electric guitar), Dave Strahan (electric guitar, banjo, vocals), Mike Schultz (bass) and Jim Orvis (drums) who have been performing together in the UHQ all over the United States and overseas.

Bio Courtesy of UHQ Website


Erik Brandt and the Urban Hillbilly Quartet have been favorites at the Coffee Grounds and now the Underground Music Cafe for nearly 20 years. Now, the UMC brings you these fantastic rock/americana sounds EVERY MONTH!!! Erik and the Hillbillies will be playing here the 3rd Friday of the month for the rest of the year, letting fans new and old take a deep dive into their repertoire in a series of intimate gigs.

The first of their 4 month residency here was September 18th and it was AMAZING!!! They have an exuberant fan base that showed up to help them celebrate their 20th anniversary. I was back in the kitchen all night, but my toe never stopped tapping! I’ve never had so much fun doing dishes!

Dates yet to come:

Friday, October 16th – 7-9pm

Friday, November 20th – 7-9pm

Friday, December 18th – 7-9pm


3 great opportunities to see St. Paul folk/rock/americana/whatever legends Erik Brandt and the Urban Hillbilly Quartet!  Catch ’em all! Here at the UMC!

Rachel’s Back!!!

About 2 months ago we hired a chef and launched a new menu. Many of you have seen and partaken of it. It was and is fantastic! Unfortunately, shortly after the launch, this amazing chef we hired, Rachel, suffered a recurrence of an old injury and had to leave us. We soldiered on and continued to execute the menu she created to the best of our abilities. Many have greatly enjoyed our food in that time and I’m ecstatic to announce: Rachel has returned! With the help of a brace, ice and some creative scheduling, Chef Rachel is once again at the helm of the UMC kitchen and some great new items coming for the fall. Here is a sampling of the new menu to come in the next few weeks!


Spinach Salad w/ Poppyseed dressing, Roasted Beets and Frizzled Prosciutto



Butternut Squash Ravioli w/ Sage Brown Butter



Russian-style Pierogies w/ Candied Beets, Dill Creme Fraiche and Feta



Also on the new menu: Grown-Up Grilled Cheese, New Waffle varieties, expanded selection of flatbreads and Home-style Macaroni and Cheese w/ 3 cheeses, Prosciutto and Roasted Red Pepper.


Keep watch, gentle readers! Great things to come at the UMC!