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Aaron Kerr Residency


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Como Park Rock Cellist Launching New Series of Shows at Underground Cafe
ST. PAUL, MINN. – Rock cellist Aaron Kerr will perform a series of shows on the last Saturday of every month at the Underground Music Café on Hamline Avenue in Falcon Heights. At the January show, Aaron will perform solo; in February he will perform with Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures, followed by performances with the Modern Spark Trio and Heavy Pedal Cello in March and April respectively.

All shows begin at 7 p.m.


About Aaron Kerr:
Aaron is something of a fixture in Como Park. All four of his children attended Chelsea Heights Elementary School at one time or another, and he is frequently found riding his bike around the neighborhood, often with his children or his cello in a pedi-cab hauled behind the bike. Over the years, he has taught cello in an after-school program through the Northwest Como Rec Center and to several neighborhood kids via private lessons. Aaron also composes music, writes cello curriculum, has made numerous recordings and has traveled the country performing his unique brand of rock cello.

For more information about Aaron, visit


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Greg Herriges and Elgin Foster – Jan. 2nd, 2015

Tickets – $15

How many tickets?

Greg Herriges

“… a gifted musician who is able to bring the best
sounds from several cultures into one type of
intriguing music.” —Folkworld (Germany)
“Guitar renegade… Herriges always comes off as
native maestro, never slumming dilettante.
His technique on both guitar and bouzouki is
formidable, his feel for diverse cultures exemplary.”
—Minneapolis Star Tribune

Greg Herriges plays an eclectic mix of original and traditional
world (“whirled”) music on guitar, voice, and bouzouki (Greek
lute), with an innovative approach honed by his studies of
Asian and other international styles. A virtuoso performer
and award-winning composer, his music and writing have
found international acclaim. Among other honors, Greg was
selected to receive the 2009-10 Bush Artist Fellowship for
Music Composition, which speaks volumes for his artistry
and dedication to music.

Elgin Foster

Elgin Foster has been playing guitar seriously over the past few years. He is currently engaged in studying fingerstyle guitar. Elgin has studied under Dan Schwartz who holds one of only six Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Performance of Fingerstyle Guitar; Grammy award winner and Prairie Home Companion guitar player Pat Donohue; McPhail Music School for music theory and performance with jazz guitarist Craig Anderson; and Dr. Ona Pinsonneault, a noted music theory and ear training specialist.

Over the years, Elgin has performed in local coffee houses; restaurants; wine tastings; Bed and Breakfasts; weddings; house concerts; church services and open-mic nights with the Minnesota Guitar Society. Elgin also was awarded a certificate of special congressional recognition from congressman John Kline for his service to the community through benefit concerts to help the homeless, cancer victims and programs for single moms. Elgin has shared the stage with some of the artists who continue to inspire him including: Dean Magraw, Dan Schwartz, Ben Woolman, Dylan Mckinstry, Dr. Anna Vazquez, Ben Siems, Dan Neale, Elise Wright, Heather Garborg, Steve Lehto and John Wright.


How many tickets?

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Wine Class #4: Big Reds

What do we mean when we say “Big Reds?”

or this?

How about this?
images (1)

Maybe this?

Hopefully not this

No… Of course we’re talking about this.
Red wine pouring down from a wine bottle (clipping path included)

Big red wines, perfect for the deep winter. Something to warm your bones and take away the chill, maybe help you forget that it’s dark ALL THE TIME.
Kurt will guide us through the world of big reds and help us find just the thing to carry us through to spring.

Ugly sweaters encouraged.

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