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Re-Opening Music Festival Lineup July 12-13

Hey Folks!

Well, we’ve remodeled, added menu items, and are in the process of renovating the stage thanks to the efforts and generosity of this community.
To celebrate all the hard work, support and great music happening here, we’d like to throw you a party and formally welcome you to the Underground Music Cafe!

Here’s the fantastic lineup of musical acts. We’ve got everything from jazz to folk, bluegrass to rock, polka to new age….it’s all happening this weekend!


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WE DID IT! Thank you so much!

We can’t believe it. The Kickstarter campaign to get rid of the pole and renovate the stage was a success!

Almost 200 people pitched in to raise a total of $16,500.00 in just 30 days. That’s nothing short of amazing.

We’d like to thank each and every donor sincerely. You guys are the best.

Here are all the awesome human beings who gave to the project. When you’re enjoying a pole-free view of the stage and listening to perfectly clear tones coming from a new sound system, you have them to thank for it:
Aaron Kerr
Aaron Rosell
Adam Levy
Alex Schmuck
Alliance Bank
Allison Jones
Amy Powers
Amy Shaw
Andrew D. Huber
Angela Newhouse
Anna McFall
Becca VanderWall
Becky Lien
Benjamin Kitt
Benjamin Shaw
Bill J Cagley
Bob Dixon
Brad Dunse
Breanne Marie Schlies
Brian Zepp
Bronwyn Deen
Bruce Olson
Bruce Pappas
Bryan ‘Bevans’ Evans
Camilo Canegato
Carly Christenson
Carole Brower
Caroline Reddy
Carolyn India-Black
Cat McNerlin
Cathe Cheesebrow
Charlie McCarron
Charlotte and Don Schuld
Chas. Joy
Chris Mertz
Christina Kerschner
Christine Wroblewski
Christopher Bruhn
Christopher Gorski
Cindy Liedman
Claire Hammer
Colt Blunt
Corey Hobbins
Cullen Fitzpatrick
Curt Oren
Dan Ratté
Dan Tanz
Daniel Barnes
Dave Bellis
David DeGrio
David Maeda
David Olson
David Tuenge
David Vincent
Debra Hadraba
Deena Wassenberg
Diana Sefkow
Dick and Mary Jo Tein
Donald Raleigh
Dorothy Waltz
Doug Millaway
Elizabeth Wilkinson
Emma Grundhauser
Eric Distad
Erik Brandt
Eugene M Willms
Evan Tepler
Fred Keller
George Moore
H. Brent Clark
Holly MacEwen
Jan Young
janelle heininger
Janis Weller
Jason P. Schumacher
Jean Simat
Jeff Crump
Jeff Kleinbaum
Jeff Ronneberg
Jessica bifulk
Jill Stefansen
Jimmi Langemo
Joe Fishbein
John E. Bennett
John Seymour-Anderson
John Whitehead
Johnny Azari
Josh Metcalfe
Joyce Kramer
Judith Stromberg
judy plante
Julia Ryan-Holch
Julie Novak
Jun Sugiyama
Karen Krueger
Karen Thoen
Kate Biederwolf
Kathi LaValle
Kathleen Johnson
Kathy Lee
Katy Vernon
Keira Thrasher
Kevin Peterson
Kim Carpenter Bennett
Kim Klauder
Kim Sueoka
Kris Grangaard
Kurt Hegland
Kyle Fosburgh
Larry Carpenter
Lars Johnson
Laura Coste
Lisa Brown
Lisa Sinclair
Luanne Olson
Lynn Hutchinson
Martin Bergstedt
Mary Daschner
Mary Losure
Matt Pohl
Michael Basques
Mike Haldorson
Minnesota Association of Songwriters
Moriah Paige Bame
Nancy McCreary
Nancy McGinley Myers
Naomi Latimer
Neal Swanger
Nicola Murray
No Grass Limit
Noah Keitel
PAm Bowers
Pam York
Patricia Painter
Patrick Zimmerman
Paul Steffel
Peg Meyer
Pete Mohs
Phil & Elaine Cheesebrough
Phil Platt
Priscilla Thomas
Rachael Hanson
Rachael White
Ray Pascoe
Rayetta Murray
Regina Fitzgerald
Richard Schletty
richard white
Rick Swanson
Robert and Kathleen Salisbury
Robin McGalliard Nelson
Roland Trenary
Ross Grotbeck
Sarah Jacobs
Scott Wooldridge
Sharon Garcia
Shaun Daniel
Stephen Harlan-Marks
Stephen Henderson
Stewart Lelievre
Stu Janis
Sue Ann Gruver
Susan Hsu
Suzanne Carrington
Sylvia Hoke
Teamworks intl
The Loft at Studio J
The Media Workshop, Inc
Tobin Deen
Tom Heimerman
Tony Anthonisen
Vicki brewer
Wayne Hamilton
William Tregaskis
Zac & Liz Owens

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Kickstarter to Transform the Stage at UMC!!!

To better support all the great musicians that grace our stage we’re engaging in a Kickstarter project and are seeking your help raising the funds to transform our stage.

Our community cafe has the potential to be one of the best listening rooms for local music in the Twin Cities. To realize that potential we would like to remove the pole on the stage and update our old and failing sound system. Please watch the video below to learn more about the project and how you can be involved!

We humbly as that you please visit the link below, share it widely, and support local music in the Twin Cities by backing this project.

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Exciting Changes are Happening Here at The Coffee Grounds


You have probably noticed things look and taste a little different around here.

We’ve got big plans for this awesome community coffee shop and hope you will join in our excitement as we transition into a space that will be geared towards supporting local music and music education through our non-profit, MusicWorks Minnesota. It will still be the great, family-friendly neighborhood hangout you’ve known and loved, but with a fresh look, improved food, new offerings, and we look forward to making this the best place it can be for you.

Thanks for your continued support.
Tim, Dan, Dennis and Bonnie

In the next few months you can expect to see: Read More